Lord Lexden and Numbers

Alistair Lexden is a ‘core member’ of The George Bell Group. He recently stated that Bishop Bell’s biographer had studied Bell for 20 years. In fact, the historian in question studied Bell for his Ph.D thesis at Selwyn College, University of Cambridge from 1986. For 30 years Bell has been the main subject of this particular academic’s career. It is therefore no surprise that he is so driven to defend Bell at all costs.

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The George Bell Group and the claim of ‘independence’.

The opening line on the Home page of the George Bell Group’s website claims it is ‘an independent group’. This is central to the view they wish to promote of themselves as neutral and balanced in their presentation of the facts in the George Bell case.

While they may be independent in the sense that they are not collectively sponsored by an interested organisation or institution (they maybe I do not know) they are certainly NOT independent in their actions. Most of them as individuals have a high stake in the maintenance of Bishop George Bell’s reputation. Several members have invested years of study, research and writing on Bell. In one member’s case, the whole of their academic career from the commencement of their post-graduate degree to the present day, has centred on George Bell. They are not neutral.

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